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Mechanical Plant (ARMEZ) Plc.

Address Talazhskoe Shosse, Archangelsk, 163045 Russia
Tel. No. + (7 818 2) 24 35 95
Fax No. + (7 818 2) 24 35 90; 24 27 19
Year of foundation 1978
Key personnel Name
Chairman Trufanov Vladimir Alexandrovich
President Dremov Vasilii Alekseevich
General Director Trufanov Vladimir Alexandrovich
Type of business Mechanic & Machinery
Ownership Joint Stock Company
No. of employees 96
Annual t/o 800 000 (USD)
Main Export Markets: The North-West of Russia
Bankers AgroPromBank; Moscow Industrial Bank (MInB)

'ARMEZ' is the leading company, manufactures building & constructions equipment , specialises on machinery for timber and wood processing industry.

'ARMEZ' offers partnership on wide range of fields: production, technological exchange, products distribution over Russia. We are open to consider partnership for production of equipment ( heating controls) for civil needs, equipment for oil l& gas industry.