The Guide to Business Partners in Eastern Europe  

Closed Joint-Stock Company

Address 5, 4-th Sovetskaya Str., St. Petersburg, 193036 Russia
Tel. No. +7 812 277 4702
Fax No. +7 812 277 7840
Year of foundation 1953
Key personnel Name
Sergey Konstantinovich Tsvetkov
Chief Engineer Alexander Grigorievich Ovchinnikov
Type of business
  • protection of steel constructions against fire
  • production and distribution of anti- fire and insects materials
  • protection of wood and wooden materials against rotting, insects and fire
  • Ownership Private
    No. of employees 47
    Annual t/o
    25 000 000 rbl
    Main export markets West region of Russia 100%
    Smolninsk branch of "Promstroybank" JSC, St. Petersburg
    Acc. No. 376467059