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Federal Research & Production Centre
Key personnel Name
Director General Dr. Alexander S. Zharkov
Address 1 Socialisticheskaya Street, Biysk, Altaiskiy Krai, 659322, Russia
Tel. No. +7 3854 304 826
Fax No. +7 3854 226 620; +7 3854 253 403
E-mail address
Year of foundation 1958
Type of business Research, development and introduction of new technologies in national economy
Ownership: Federal Company
No. of employees
Annual t/o
25 000 000 USD
Export sales 5%
Main markets:

Federal Research & Production Center ALTAI is one of the organizations in Russia specialized in the production of new materials technologies, equipment, goods of various industries such as chemical, medicinal, pharmaceutical, process automation, mining, construction.

About 180 products of domestic development are being made at ALTAI's enterprises, over 30 advanced technologies have been developed, that are commissioned both at own production facilities and at our users.

Here is the information of seven developments proposed for export: 1. FR & PC ALTAI is the patent holder of RF and European patents on ultra-dispersed diamond explosively obtained.

We propose:

  • application technology of wear-resistant chrome-diamond electro-deposits
  • diamond paste for superfine polishing - for semiconductor special processing with reduction in micro-roughness up to 5-10 A
  • additives to motor and machine oils to increase motor service life
  • solid dresser with cluster diamond to increase the service life of cutting and abrasive tools and improve super-finish
  • diamond dresser to dress abrasive wheels when grinding
  • diamond grinding tablets for grinding optic glasses, semiconductors, etc.

  • 2. Fire-extinguishing means:

  • powdered fire-extinguishers 5 and 10 l in volume using cool gas sources, that have no analogs in world and home practice (RF patent)
  • list for order: cool gas sources, fire-extinguishing powder for re-equipping the fire-extinguishers
  • mini-stations for powdered fire-extinguishers service
  • cool gas sources for the systems of volume fire-extinguishing
  • erection and commissioning services of the above-mentioned production

  • Besides, cool gas sources are used to control opening/closing the valves in gas-, oil- and product pipelines in an emergency, when unrolling safety bags and emergency and rescue means for aircraft and boats. Storage shelf life is 10 years.

    3. Original nonstandard equipment:

  • mixers of various design and model to mix liquid and powder components at viscosity to 50 Kpoise and pressure at 12 MPa
  • universal vane pumps to transfer liquids along the pipes with increased viscosity to 50 Kpoise
  • centrifuges to separate emulsions of two liquids (including explosive, combustible and chemically aggressive) with difference in density on a level with 0.1 g/cubic cm et al

  • The equipment proposed can be used in chemical, medicinal, food and other industries.

    The equipment is designed for the processing of explosive, combustible or aggressive products and made of stainless steel and other corrosion-resistant materials.

    4. Powder gas generators PGDBK-100M.

    Designed for fracture and thermal, gas and chemical treatment of oil- and gas- bearing formation by solid propellant combustion products in order to restore and increase the filtration properties of near well zone. The effect is achieved due to simultaneous mechanical, thermal and physical- chemical action of powder gases on rocks.

    Field of application: in oil and gas wells 3500-6000 m in depth. In many cases PGDBK is the only means to rebirth old, dead wells and to recover oil.

    5. FR & PC ALTAI is the main organization developing industrial nitric acid ester-containing explosives.

    Nitric acid ester-containing cartridged explosives are being made both as non-permitted and permitted, 5-6 class.

    Uglenite -6 and Uglenite 13, high- permitted explosives, 5 class, are designed to make blasting by boring method in the dangerous conditions of coal mines.

    Cartridges 12 are intended for safe and efficient works in dust and methane dangerous mines where the explosives, 6 class , are allowed to use.

    Ammonal -5 is designed for blasting by boring method of hard and very hard rocks.

    Non - permitted explosives are used at mining facilities when recovering minerals, during construction works.

    The process of explosives production includes: production of mixed nitric acid esters, preparation of powder components, composition mixing, its cartridging to paper or polyethylene case.

    6. Transdermal therapeutical remedy Nitropercuten.

    At present nitroglycerine is the most effective and widely used remedy to prevent cardiac angina attacks for ischemia.

    Transdermal systems with nitroglycerine are the most justified remedy to administer the drug to patients.

    Nitropercuten is used by patients for prophylaxis of angina cardiac attacks.

    The preparation action has been in progress for 2 hours and has been going on nearly 24 hours. Nitropercuten, like prolonged nitroglycerine forms, should be administered so that its action started during the attack. The plaster with nitroglycerine is especially

    Nitropercuten is easy-to-use. The patient dosage is achieved by selecting the application surface area. It permits to avoid taking tableted nitrates, keep working ability and have active living. indispensable and suitable to avoid night cardiac angina attacks.

    7. Portable powder pulse-impact set-up for emergency and rescue works.

    Designed to destroy structures of concrete, reinforced concrete of any strength, during reconstruction of buildings under the conditions of existing production.

    There are no seismic ground oscillations, shock waves and the scattering of large fragments. The set-up is covered by the RF patent.

    FR & PC ALTAI is interested in partner relations and we are
    always ready to answer your questions.