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Aircraft Repair Plant N 406

Address Aktyubinsk 463003, Kazakhstan
Tel. No. +7 3132 623 618
Fax No. +7 3132 623 526
Year of foundation 1933
E-mail address
Key personnel Name
President Mr. Matveev Alexander Nikolaevich
Managing Director Mr. Kazantzev Yury Vladimirovich
Type of business Major repairs of airplanes An-2, Yak-18T, helicopters MI-2, aviation gasturbine engines GTD-350, piston engines M-14P
Ownership State Company
No. of employees 650
Annual t/o 2,260,000 USD
Export sales 90%
Main Export Markets: Russia - 70%
Belorussia - 10%
Uzbekistan - 5%
Turkmenistan - 3%
Ukraine - 2%
Bankers: Bank TURANALEM of Kazakhstan

Aircraft Repair Plant N 406 is a state company founded in 1933. The production area of the plant is 38327 sq.m. and the total area of the site is 440000 sq.m.

The Plant carries out overhaul major repairs of:

  • airplanes AN-2, Yak-18T and helicopters MI-2
  • aviation engines GTD-350 (analogue ALLISON-250) and piston aviation engines M-14P
  • automobile piston engine M-412
  • the hydromechanical box for the transmission of bus LIAZ

  • The Plant has its own Aviation Company "LIP-AVIA" producing and offering the following services:

  • air-transportation on helicopters MI-2, MI-8 and airplanes AN-2
  • non-standard equipment and spare parts for aviation machines
  • realisation, commissioning and leasing of repaired aviation machines

  • The plant is in preparation for the production of overhaul major repairs of piston aviation engines M-14B26, ASH-62, airplanes AN-28, helicopters MI-8.

    The Plant has the production capacity to assemble and perform tests of aviation engines for light airplanes and helicopters and assemble and perform tests of light airplanes and helicopters.

    For contacts and inquiries:

    Aktyubinsk 463003
    Tel: +7 3132 623 618
    Fax: +7 3132 623 526