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Manufacturing Plant
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Key personnel Name
Managing Director Mr. Oleg Alexeevich Lyubarsky
Address 2 Stupishina Street, Kstovo,
Nizhny Novgorod Region 606200, Russia
Tel. No. +7 83145 2 21 86
Fax No. +7 83145 3 16 92
E-mail address
Year of foundation 1973
Type of business complex scientific electronic-technical appliances
Ownership: Federal Enterprise
Prent company: Ministry of Defence of Russia
No. of employees: 400
Bankers: Sberbank of Russia

Manufacturing Plant "Agat" is a developing enterprise, producing complex scientific electronic-technical appliances designed in co-operation with the leading scientific-technical centres of Russia.

The Plant has been functioning since 1973. It has around 400 workers. Being a federal property, the Plant may be handed down into private ownership if the necessity occurs.

Having industrial potentialities and experience in mastery and organisation of serial production the Plant puts on the market the following articles:

  • magnetrons for micro-wave ovens

  • technological laser units intended for cutting, welding and tempering

  • thermoviewer designed for visual observation of IR radiation distribution on the surface of medicobiological and industrial objects.

  • radio-relay apparatus intended for making possible cableless communication between and within separate localities

  • sealing for oil-refining and chemical industries

  • equipment sets for manufacturing artificial crystalline lenses and contact lenses

  • microwave generators and boosters

  • At disposal there are essential power supply sources, metrological and instrumental support, optical production, nitro-oxygen, oxy-hydrogen, and ionic-interchange station, appropriate production areas meeting the demands for electronic vacuum hygiene, mechanical, stamping, galvanic and other works. The total area is 30 hectares, the general production areas make up 41000 square meters.

    There is a design office which makes possible to solve problems of work out, mastery and output. Our buyers are the oil-refining-chemical industries, the Ministries of Communication, Power Engineering, and medicine of Russia and other CIS countries.