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Zirconium and it alloys
Zirconium and it alloys is used in chemical industry, electro-vacuum industry, rocket and aircraft industry, motor-car and metallurgy industry, shipbuilding and atomic power industry.

Thanks to its corrosion resistance which has no analogues, zirconium appears to be an excellent construction material for manufacture of chemical apparatus, pipe-lines, steel frameworks which may be used in agressive  environment.

We possess original technology for producing reliable of welded joint zirconium and stainless steel.

Zirconium is an ideal deoxidizing and alloying element.

Our zirconium metal production process guarantees high quality of products.

We possess technology of accurate impurities cleaning and offer zirconium metal powder of perfect quality.

With our method of iodide refining we can produce superclean (as for gas impurities) iodide refined zirconium.
Physical properties  of zirconium: 
- density, g/mm3 - 6.52;    
- melting point, C - 1842...1862;    
- hardness, HRB - 70...100. 
Zirconium products,ingots,tubes,rods,sheets,powder
 Zirconium and its alloys are produced in the form of
Crystal bars     
(Van Arkel rods):    
diameter 25mm max    
length 1400mm max.
diameter 400-450 mm    
length1000-3500 mm
 diameter 10-80 mm     
 length 200-7000 mm
 diameter 9-130 mm     
 length 8000 mm max
Powder, includes:     
pressed in tablets (d=35mm, h=10 mm)     
briquettes (d=555 mm, h=80 mm max)
width 400 mm max     
length 3000 mm max    
thickness 0.3-10 mm