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JSC "Chepetsky Mechanical Plant" 
427600 Russia, Udmurt Republic, Glazov, Belov Str., 7
Tel.: +7 (341-41)-724-15
Fax: +7 (341-41)-345-07
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Depleted Uranium - reliable biological irradiation shielding

JSC “Chepetsky mechanical plant” is the enterprise with wide experience in producing of depleted uranium articles. 

Depleted uranium is left after extraction of U235 from natural uranium. U235 is used in enrichment of nuclear reactor fuel. The level of depleted uranium irradiation can be compared with Earth's crust radiation background.

Depleted uranium has unique properties:
- high density - 17 -19 g/cm3;
- melting point - more than 1130o C;
- tensile strength - to 150 kgs/mm2.
- fast neutron absorption is better than that of lead;
- simple mechanical treatment;
- possibility of producing articles with complex configuration by means of casting and stamping;
- in combination with stainless steel high resistance to corrosive medium.
All these properties favour the producing of articles with complex configuration of this metal and the manufacturing of various devices and instruments for science and industry.
Application of our depleted uranium by your company will be an important step forward in producing first-rate articles: flaw-detectors, freight containers, scientific and medical equipment - all apparatus which need reliable biological protection while operation.

We possess the latest depleted uranium machining methods which allow us to represent the wide range of uranium base a11oys with necessary physical, mechanical and service properties; we are ready to produce the required quantity of various depleted uranium articles in the shortest time at purchaser's request.

Our enterprise is interested in expansion of home and international deliveries of depleted uranium finished articles, rods and sheet. Thorough control of our production quality guarantees high level of all articles. Methodical check-up and satisfaction of changing purchasers' requirements is our principal task. We guarantee high quality of our production!

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