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Calcium Metal
Our calcium used as:  
  • reducing agent while reducing from oxides and other compounds of various non-ferrous, rare and refractory metals;
  • alloying agent while producing non-ferrous alloys;
  • deoxidizing agent which combines with carbon, sulphur, phosporus and nitrogen simaltaneously while producing high quality steels and non-ferrous alloys;
  • separating agent for argon and nitrogen while producing these gases

  • purifier of oil and gas for oil and gas industries.
    Calcium is produced in different forms with purity 99.0% - 99.5%:
    Distilled calcium ingots with dendritical structure.     
       Ingot mass is not more 80 kg     
       Diameter not more 360 mm      
       Height, not more 750 mm
    Monolithic calcium ingots of cast structure.    
      Ingot weight is not more than 80 kg.    
      Diameter,not more 360 mm    
      Height, not more 750 mm 
    In the form of turnings     
       Length, not more 200 mm     
       W idth, not more 35 mm,     
       Thickness, not more 5 mm     
       Pieces, not more than 50mm are allowed
    In the form of lumps       
       of irregular form,       
       mass, not more 25 kg;
    In the form of granules     
    screened through the sieve 1,6 or 2,5mm   
      a) melted of sphercal form          
      b) crushed of irregular form. 
    In the form of crumb     
       of irregular form,      
       screened through the sieve 10 mm
    Packing: ingots, turnings, lumps, crumb, granules packed in sealed metal drums or barrels , mounted on the pallet. Gross weight of the pallet is not more, than 1000 kg.